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Information Security Professional

The most ‘hands-on’ recruiter I have ever encountered. He identified me from my CV posted on one of the many job boards, spoke to my referees to gain a better insight into what I had to offer, and approached an employer whose requirements I seemed to fit. 

We all know how arduous the recruitment process has become today. At every stage, he kept me updated on my progress, and would even telephone me to say that he had nothing substantial to tell me. He was a source of morale-boosting support: always positive, forthright and ready with sound advice. 

I am grateful to him for all the time and energy that he invested in finding me a new role over these past months.

InfoSec Professional 

Tri-Secure Team

APTs (advanced persistent threats) have changed the world we live in and security on all levels, in all organisations, can be attacked at any time. The cyber-criminals behind the threats are experts at their work and can hide from traditional security while they ply their trade, demonstrating an intelligence, resilience, and patience that has never been seen before.

Controlling these threats requires multiple security disciplines and, above all else, expert security staff who can counter what the cyber-criminals do – or indeed, head them off at the pass. A single solution will not erase the problem of APTs or the cyber-criminals, but a team of staff, backed by the best contractors and suppliers, will ensure the risks are limited.

Our Cyber Security division is manned by a team of specialist recruiters and resourcers who have live networks of contacts with the most interesting cyber security jobs in the market. We are the best at finding the rarest of skills – something that has won us respect and favour with many leading employers.

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