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I have known James for many years now.Over the years we have built a lot of trust between us. 

If I am looking at having a change in my career, I always look at James to get me there. I know he knows my skills and will always find me the best suited role.

James' best quality is he is able to match the candidate and client not only in relation to the job, but also the candidate’s fit with the organisation.

During the tenure of the client, he keeps in touch and provides feedback on performance and ensures that I am always paid on time, which is always good. 

I would definitely recommend Trinity to anyone who is looking forward to working with the best companies around.

Ravi Singh

Infrastructure Jobs

IT Infrastructure Recruitment Specialists

IT Infrastructure JobsIT infrastructure personnel sit at the heart of a company’s IT department, providing the skills, expertise and systems that feed their employery’s day-to-day needs.

Headed by a main Board Director, our Infrastructure team similarly sits at the heart of our company. Our team is a highly trained, highly versatile and a well networked group of individuals.

We know it takes a certain skill to flourish in this busy market space and our team has a history of success in finding and securing the rarest of talent.  Our skills extend to both the contract and permanent talent pools domestically and internationally.

To discuss how we can assist your business, please email us at:

As with all our divisions, we vet the employers carefully to ensure we to offer only the best roles for our candidates.See below for our latest infrastructure roles in the UK, Central Europe and the Middle East for the following areas: Dev/Ops, Cloud, UNIX/Linux, Storage (SAN/NAS), Database (Sybase/Oracle/SQL), Middleware, Automation, Networking, Programmme & Project Management. Alternatively, you can read about our successes in our case studies or testimonials.

Meet the team here



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